Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chocolate Cake Supermarket Challenge!!

The day was Sunday the 1st April, the Venue 'Most Marvellous on the Kettering Road, Northampton, the radio station 'BBC Radio Northampton, along with the hostess of the morning Vanessa Kimbell.

The mission was to all make a most fabulous chocolate cake filled with cream cheese and fresh raspberries, topped with a most amazing chocolate ganache!! Sounds amazing, it was.
My beautiful Chocolate Cake, 3rd Prize Winner

Karen, Jayne, Me and Fleur

In total there were 9 fabulous ladies taking part. Vanessa, Rosie, Karen, Jayne, Fleur, Rachel, Ren, a baker from Most Marvellous and myself. We all chose a Supermarket and were asked to keep it secret. We had to buy all own brand ingredients from our chosen supermarket, so that tastes and flavours could be compared.

Me, Most Marvellous Bakers and Ren Behan!!

Vanessa and Me!

Lots of cake tasting going on!

William and Helen, tasting................
 On the day the cakes were all judged for taste by William Sitwell the editor of 'Waitrose Kitchen' and alongside him Helen from FussFreeFlavours.

The results I have to say were amazing. The cake tastes varied incredibly and the costs were so different too. I was so pleased because out of the 9 chocolate cakes that were made I managed to bag 3rd place along with my chosen Supermarket which was 'Sainsbury's'. Well done Sainsbury's.
2nd place was awarded to Ren Behan and the Co-Op supermarket and 1st prize went to the Most Marvellous baking lady and Morrison's supermarket. There you go, who would have thought it!!

The first supermarkets that were eliminated for taste were Lidl and Aldi. Better luck next time, but I will say Lidi you sell the most amazing fresh figs in the summer, so well done you!! Followed swiftly by Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, and Tesco. Big surprises really with Waitrose and M&S for me. I would have put money on either of those fabulous supermarkets being one of the top three! But we were proved very wrong! The costings for the cakes were not know until after the results for the best tasting cakes were revealed.

William with Vanessa and Helen, Chatting Cake!

Brief out line of costings, there may be a few surprises for you. The cakes were chosen on taste and not cost. If you fancy making this decedent chocolate cake then please visit Vanessa's site.

Supermarket                                      Receipt Cost                                   Total Cake Cost
Winner Morrison's                            £20.13                                            £  9.61
Runner up Co-Op                             £20.09                                            £10.32
3rd Place Sainsbury's                        £16.52                                            £  8.63
Tesco                                               £20.07                                            £11.71
M&S                                                £22.53                                            £12.50
Waitrose                                           £19.52                                            £  9.39
Asda                                                £15.09                                             £  7.45
Lidl                                                  £16.33                                             £  7.03
Aldi                                                  £12.77                                             £  6.78         

Carmela x


  1. Fabulous write up of great day. Congrats again for coming third. It was lovely to meet you. X

  2. It was a great day (still feeling full of so many chocolate cakes!). Congrats on the 3rd place from a losing contestant who went out in 7th place! Thanks to Lidl to helping me take that place! HEEHEE!

    Look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Love & chocolate cake crumbs,


  3. FABULOUS write up Carmela and so lovely to meet you too! Karen xxx

  4. A lovely write up, Carmela and it was so nice to meet you. We're not that far away so hopefully we'll meet again soon. Congratulations on your third place achievement! Have a lovely Easter weekend Ren xxx

  5. Thank you so much ladies for your wonderful comments. I can't wait to meet you all again for our next event. Let's not leave it to long!! xx

  6. Sorry I only just saw this post! Lovely write up! It was lovely to meet you At the Supermarket cake challenge! Congratulations on coming 3rd!

    1. Thank you Jayne. It was great to meet you so, looking forward to our next meet x

  7. Can't wait to try this recipe. I'll make these for my mom and my brothers and sister. They will be so happy about this.