Monday, 22 September 2014

Venturi's Table - Bringing people together through food.

I was recently invited along to the delicious and welcoming Venturi's Table in the centre of London for lunch and was overwhelmed with the range of classes and events that were on offer. Tailor made events to suit, corporate, parties, meetings and more. Fabulous fitted kitchens with top of the range equipment and more importantly than this, experienced and passionate chefs, ready to showcase and share their knowledge with you.

Corporate Cookery Events
Selling itself as a Corporate Cookery Centre, custom built to provide informal and fun events for corporate business professionals. The aim of these events is to bring together groups of interested and normally hungry students to learn to cook, eat and enjoy together, forming new business relationships within a different and comfortable environment.

Cookery Events
Ultimately these events are hand-on, fun, informal and relaxing. Here you learn to cook, sip vino and sit down to enjoy your cooked gourmet food together as a group. For those looking for something a little more competitive 'Cookery Challenges' , where you can try the 'Masterchef' invention test, also offering corporate wine tasting days, chocolate making and my favourite olive oil tasting.

The Kitchens
Venturi's Table offers two custom built kitchen with a huge maximum capacity of 60 students. The classes on offer here are of course based around Italian cookery with added Indian and Thai classes too suit every palate.

Creative meetings
Bringing new creative ideas to the table. For meetings, Venturi's Table can provide a projector, laptop, power points and Italian catering to suit breakfast or lunch. Everyone will want to attend these business meetings with a difference.

Product launching/Testing
Many brands have used and are using the kitchens to launch new products to important and influential audiences such as journalists, buyers and sales teams. Products can be cooked and tested to suit. A wine and canapé menu is available for events and Venturi's can provide a wine and pairing service for any food being tasted or tested.

Chef Demonstrations
Since the opening in 2005, Venturi's Table has hosted a number of first class chefs, from the likes of Giorgio Locatelli, Michele Roux, Jean Christophe Novelli and one of my favourites the wonderful and incredibly talented Theo Randall. Look out for further dates and information. Venturi's table is able to supply its own chefs for demonstrations, a more affordable but no less interesting option than using a celebrity chef.

Filming and Photography
The kitchens here at Venturi's Table are of a high-spec design and makes them perfect as a gastronomic themed location for photo shoots or film crews. For further information please contact:

For more details please Contact the team at tel: 020 8875 7488

Monday, 8 September 2014

Fruity dried apple rings.

Having four children that are constantly hungry and demanding pasta 24 ours a day, snack time can be hard work. Trying to find something healthy for school lunch boxes or just generally to nibble on (when they are not eating pasta), I'm always in search for new options, ideas and something that my four will eat. These dried apple rings are not only cheap, simple and delicious but they keep for ages if stored correctly too. Don't get me wrong I am no domestic goddess (I am really), these are easy and quick to make and if you have lots of apples over the autumn then perfect! Get to it!!

1. Take a large bowl of cold water and squeeze a large lemon into it. Then slice the lemon and add to the bowl. This water is acidic and will prevent the apples from discolouring when they are drying.
2. I use small apples, they MUST not be bruised or marked.
3. Core the apple and slice into 4mm slices, thereabouts. The thicker the slices the longer they will take to dry.
4. Place all of the apple slices into the bowl of acidic water and leave to steep for 30 minutes
5. Prepare: Clean and grease a garden cane with olive oil.
6. Drain the water from the apples and use kitchen towel to remove as much water as possible from the apples. Patting them carefully.
7. Place the rings onto your cane and leave them to try somewhere in your kitchen, away from the draught for around 6 days. Ensure they have fully dried before placing into a container.
8. Store in an airtight container. They will keep for up to 6 months!!

Genius ....Enjoy.